I totally reconnected with me and am so much happier

At the end of last year I was feeling lost and confused about myself and my direction in life. During the time I worked with Mills doing OWN MY LIGHT, I managed to reconnect with my real inner self. I felt like the person I always had been and had spent time with but I had never remained. Mills supported me through a variety of techniques and strategies to shed much of what was tying me up. I feel so much lighter and brighter. I have changed jobs and lifestyle. I totally reconnected with me and am so much happier. There are times when things slip a little but the tools I have been shown are with me now. Forever. An investment and my life that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others. You deserve it!! Thank you so much for all you have given me wonderful lady!

Kirsten Parton – Education Officer & UK Distributor for http://bluebooby.com/