"I am totally reconnected with me and am so much happier."

kirsten"At the end of last year I was feeling lost and confused about myself and my direction in life. During the time I worked with Mills, I managed to reconnect with my real inner self. I felt like the person I always had been and had spent time with but I had never remained. Mills supported me through a variety of techniques and strategies to shed much of what was tying me up. I feel so much lighter and brighter. I have changed jobs and lifestyle. I am totally reconnected with me and am so much happier. There are times when things slip a little but the tools I have been shown are with me now. Forever. An investment and my life that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others. You deserve it!! Thank you so much for all you have given me wonderful lady!

Kirsten Parton - Education Officer & UK Distibutor for


"Mills gave me the gift of claiming my place as a Divine being of light and love, so that I can embody the woman I see myself to be in the future"

Diana Morgan "My Soul Connection Journey with Mills was incredible and life-changing! She held space for my light to shine, and eliminated my fears and self-doubts to reveal my creative genius. She led me to the space within of pure truth, where anything is possible. She cracked open what has longed to emerge and led me to my inner brilliance. Her words were the fuel for my heart! She taught me to embrace my uniqueness and to really know what is important for my next steps in life. I cried tears of happiness, for the beautiful expansive feeling within my heart center. It's a place I can go back to when I need to recharge, and I am so grateful for the visual images that I received during our calls together. It felt like we were frolicking in magic! Mills gave me "heart recipes" and I found myself doing amazing things that I had never done before, like painting for the first time. She gave me the gift of claiming my place as a divine being of light and love, so that I can embody the woman I see myself to be in the future. During our week together, I felt myself stepping into my beingness and emanating self-love. She is like the big sister and best friend I've never had, and her laughter is contagious! Mills is truly the Leader of Hearts!"

Diana Morgan - Online Entrepreneur


"Instead of going nuts seeking insights from the outside world, you helped me literally SEE where the fire burns within me"

laura"Where can I even begin... working with you made it whole spiritual mind/body/soul experience. You touched upon all parts of me while you gently pried me open to spill my guts and face/embrace my truth. The body work was my FAVORITE. Seeing where within myself I am able to turn to get back to center. Instead of going nuts seeking insights from the outside world, you helped me literally SEE where the fire burns within me. All I have to do is close my eyes, and I can see it. An hour with you felt like a vacation. You transported me, and months after our session together, I'm still turning to that ONE session and still pulling knowledge and lessons which are helping me unravel the truth. You are one wickedly talented coach. I'm very fortunate to have worked with you, and I'll be able to be that much more of service to the world for having crossed paths with you. God bless you woman, you are a gift to us all!"

Laura M. Courrau - Online Entrepreneur


"Mills is a born coach who will gently lead you into the true core of your feelings before enabling you to come out the other side with absolute clarity and certainty"

Angela-11"I've had one off coaching sessions with various people over the years, but none have got to the heart of me as quickly or as impact-fully as my Damn Professional session did . As well as being a ray of sunshine who will brighten your day, Mills is a born coach who will gently lead you into the true core of your feelings before enabling you to come out the other side with absolute clarity and certainty. It felt throughout like she was talking to my inner wisdom , and she did so with such deep compassion and a wonderfully sensitive touch.

I would thoroughly recommend working through your visibility and business 'persona' blocks with Mills, so you can start shining your true light into the world."

Angela Bryant - Online Entrepreneur:


“I would recommend this to anyone who’s feeling fake and salesy in their business and just wants to feel more real and authentic"

ffion Before our coaching session, I was really struggling with being authentic in my business and marketing myself in a way that "feels me". I'm great at "being myself" and "doing my own thing" in my personal life, but so far it hasn't translated over into my business. 

After our session, I felt a little bit overwhelmed as it was very intense and brought up some very old pain that I’d buried deeply. I was however, also totally inspired to dive into my creative work that day, despite having "more important stuff" to do. In the end everything got done anyway, I was happy and had created more personal creative work in that day than in the past weeks combined.

As a result of our session, I’ve got a renewed faith that my creativity deserves my attention and deserves to be made a priority. I’ve also been finding some peace on an old and painful issue.  And I’ve got confidence, that merging several of my interests into one hub on the net might actually be the way to go for me, despite not being the "done thing”. I’m excited to feel that I might actually be on track, and that there's nothing "wrong" with me just because conventional marketing practices aren't working for me. And that doing things my way is okay in business , just as it is in real life.

I would recommend this to anyone who’s feeling fake and salesy in their business and just wants to feel more real and authentic and market in ways more inline with their personality. Also anyone who needs a virtual hug and a lot of sunshine 🙂  Thank you soooo much for everything, I think the work you're doing is amazing and I'm feeling a lot more confident about the path I'm currently choosing for my business! You're awesome!

Ffion Evans - Graphics and Webdesigner:

"She gets past the superficial layers, and helps you access the heart and core of who you truly are ... so you can shine bright!"

tessphilip "Mills really is a leader of the heart, and a fairy god mother (more like sister) all rolled into rainbow goodness! She really can help make wishes come true. If you need a confidence boost, I highly recommend this amazing woman plus her laugh is contagious and will just make you beam with smiles and laughter too. Before my session, I was struggling with getting in touch with my true self and to feel good about it - unapologetic, confident without judgement, free to just be me. During our session, I got to meet a version of myself that I had forgotten - the free spirited, childish, fun, light hearted, confident and sweet girl before 'life', worries and other insecurities took over. I was so happy and it felt so good to get to the core of my true self, underneath all those layers. After the session, I felt a lot lighter, my mind was clear and I was standing taller with a wide smile on my face. Mills has a special talent for making you feel good about you. But it’s not all just glitter and fairies. She gets past the superficial layers, and helps you access the heart and core of who you truly are making you realise just how wonderful you really are so you can shine bright! I would recommend coaching with Mills to anyone who has disconnected from themselves or needs to be reminded of just how wonderful and special they are and to confidently let their true self shine! I was so excited to get back in touch with my true self and to once again feel good about it. As a result, I have become clear and more confident about shining my light in this world."

Tess Philip - Online Entrepreneur:

"I feel much clearer as to what has been holding me back"

newmel"Before I worked with Mills I was holding back in my business but I couldn't quite put a finger on why I was doing it. From the minute I got on Skype with Mills, she put me at ease straight away, as she is really happy and smiley. She supported and guided me down a path to find out where I may be stuck/blocked. And she made me feel safe and supported to explore those areas deeply. Straight after the session I felt such a release and throughout the day I was gaining so much clarity on things that I hadn't even realised were an issue. Since working with Mills I feel much clearer as to what has been holding me back and she has given me a few things to do to make sure that I build on the work we did. I would recommend Mills 100% - she was so understanding with the situation, really open and a wonderful guide. She has a gift of getting to the core of an issue very quickly. I am so excited to start putting myself out there in my business so that I can help as many wonderful people as possible who may be suffering from Candida."

Melanie Murphy De Vicente - Kinesiologist and Health Coach:

"Answers, clarity and confidence were whiz-banging (think BFG!) out of me from the very start"


I was suffering with negative feelings - gremlins - weighty ones - wrapping themselves about my ankles when I wasn’t looking and making it impossible to run, and even difficult to walk.  Unwelcome and unpredictable – they’d turn up when least expected (and when expected for that matter), and would render me paralyzed! Debilitating and disabling – something had to be done.

I needed to understand where they came from and how, I thought, to get rid of them. Mills showed me another way – I didn’t need to know where they came from, and I didn’t need to get rid of them – I just needed to access some inner strengths and she gave me the tools to deal with this problem so that I might enjoy life more. It worked! 

Answers, clarity and confidence were whiz-banging  (think BFG!) out of me from the very start – from completing the pre-programme questionnaire to our very last Skype connect.  And even now, thanks to Mills, I can, when needed check back in with my inner strengths and gently deal with those gremlins when they start to get a bit busy!  This girl speaks my language.  She gets where I’m coming from, and she is truly a Leader of the Heart.


"Gaining this clarity has enabled me to take a more focussed approach to my business."

clare2 "Before having a coaching session with Mills “The Leader of the Heart” I was struggling to identify with my key passion, often describing myself as a multi talent and multi passionate person. Working with Mill’s on the coaching call we covered different areas and completed a number of exercises. This helped me to discover the common thread and my core essence. Gaining this clarity has enabled me to to take a more focussed approach to my business. Mills is filled with love and sunshine, and that energy naturally flows into the work she does. Thank you Mills!

Clare Fielder - Online Entrepreneur

"I felt a boost of confidence and more comfortable in my body. I even felt taller and energetic!"

[left]Krista_inboxteatime"Since our coaching session, it’s been a bit overwhelming that I've been in such a good mood! Everything has not been smooth but I've been able to focus and let go with ease. I think I don't have enough words to reflect my emotions and gratitude about the coaching experience with this Sunshine Doctor! You have been one of the most professional coaches I've worked with. I felt so safe and respected. Your way of speaking was so warm and lovely and full of positive energy. After our session, I felt a boost of confidence and more comfortable in my body. I even felt taller and energetic! 🙂 Being a sensitive person I was emotional later on.[/right]Felt like some bottled up emotion was released and I was lighter after. I felt that I got more than expected from our coaching session and was positively surprised. Before our coaching, I was struggling with being relaxed and confident on social media. I was stressed and worried, constantly editing myself and not publishing my work. This was creating tension and frustration. Also the unfinished work and the feeling of not doing enough was bothering me constantly. I’ve felt noticeably more confident the whole week after the coaching. I’ve gotten over the unnecessary editing and engaged in conversations online more and published articles to my blog happily and without worries. I have let myself have time to relax without guilt as I have a clearer vision on what I need to focus my energy on. I would recommend this coaching for people who are energetic but procrastinate. People who love to take action (but something is stopping them) and have goals that they would like to start working towards. People who are open to exploring their emotional needs. I am most excited about the confidence and the amazing amount of energy that I got from directing my focus. I’ve felt happier and even more feminine. I have been more social and outgoing."

Krista Holopainen - Online Entrepreneur:


"You won’t find a more dedicated champion for your growth”

"I have experienced some coaching before but did not get much out of it - it was very much about making goals and being urged towards making those goals happen. In spite of this, I had a strong pull towards booking a few sessions with Melissa and was very surprised when none of what I had previously thought of as 'coaching' came into it. I am an intuitive, feeling oriented person and Melissa's approach suited me perfectly; it's a mixture of kindness, compassion, intuition, adaptability, skill and laser sharp focus that leaves no stone unturned. Just because I have said 'intuitive' don't mistake that for wishy-washy; this is strong stuff! I needed to explore the place I was at without feeling I needed to push towards a particular outcome. Melissa felt like a very safe, strong anchor as I dived down deep into some dark places. In one of those dark places I felt I found a part of me that had been lost, frightened and hiding for a long time; I was able to reclaim that part of myself and as a result am moving forward with more self trust. I am happier with where I am and also making changes that I never thought I would be able to face. If I had more money flowing in I would speak to her every week. You won't find a more dedicated champion for your growth."

JR, Female - Artist


“Melissa’s wise shining heart believes in, and shows me all that I am”

“Being coached by Melissa has opened up such a trusting, free and honest place for me to be in and expand into. Melissa’s wise shining heart believes in, and shows me, all that I am; intuitively and completely beside me in the moment, guiding me to feel, touch, embrace, sit with, move, let go, play, dance and paint my truth. She is an inspiration!"

Sarah London - Youth and Community Worker


"I always feel so much clearer and energised after our sessions"

spence “Melissa has a very warm and authentically friendly personality, not to mention an infectious laugh! She instantly put me at ease during our initial sessions and quickly established a good rapport. During the course of our sessions, she has carefully challenged my limiting self beliefs, skilfully shown me my ‘blind spots’ and has on occasion intuitively guided me to previously unexplored places within myself which have enabled deep healing and insight. I always feel so much clearer and energised after our sessions and look forward to continuing my journey with Melissa. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a Life coach.

Spence Cater - Creative Entrepreneur:

"In a very short amount of time, Mills managed to pinpoint my real problem"

Tania On A Step-5 "Before I found Mills, I was feeling stuck for a very (very) long time - freaking out about how I sound when I speak. I wanted to make videos, but I couldn't get over how weird I sounded (or so I thought). In a very short amount of time, Mills managed to pinpoint my real problem - something that was holding me back for years, but never really occurred to me. I could see the results of our sessions immediately ! Mills is the first one, I've ever met, who is combining both speech and confidence coaching. And she's a real PRO in both of those areas! I'm finally not feeling stopped by it. This was a huge gift for me, and an amazing breakthrough - which I'm forever grateful for. If you want to boost your confidence levels, you need to know how the world truly sees you. Enter brilliant Mills as a shining mirror. Not only does she show you your true reflection, she goes beyond. Mills teaches you how to focus on your essence, the most important part. So, I could list gazillion things that need work about myself, but summing up my own greatness would be an impossible exercise without her external gentle help. Now, after only two sessions, I've got my super power memorised. And it's a game changer too. Above all, working with Melissa is so much fun - it's like talking to an actual sunshine 🙂 Her laughter is contagious and she makes me feel OK just to be me. But aside from being gentle when needed, she has a super sharp BS detector. Every time my insecurity raised its head, she called me out in a way that made me instantly see how ridiculous it sounded! I'm looking forward to our upcoming sessions and excited to bust more long time barriers, that have been keeping me down for no particular reason. Yay to feeling confident! Thank you for everything!

Tania Lanin - Online Entrepreneur:

"The time I have spent with Melissa has been truly life changing!"

"Finding Melissa has been a gift. She is a skilled, compassionate, amazingly intuitive and gifted coach. I always feel she is totally committed and present whenever we have a coaching session and I am constantly surprised by her ability to get straight to the heart of the matter. I’ve found the process to be both profound and creative. Most importantly for me, she has helped me to tap into my creativity and move forward with my artistic career. The time I have spent with her has been truly life changing! Every year I have written resolutions, and every year I have been disappointed to see the same resolutions go on the new list for the next year. With Melissa’s help I have not only moved on in all my resolutions for this year, but also gained a new sense of confidence and power in my direction in life."

MH, Female - Artist and Communicator


"The Leader of Hearts gave me a burst of positive energy with immediate effect to the point that I wrote some powerful lyrics!"

"The Leader of Hearts is a beautiful ray of light. We connected immediately. I had a lot of battles to conquer and so I contacted her for some life coaching. She took me on a creative and peaceful journey. I am always looking for new ways to grow as a person and as an artist. The Leader of Hearts gave me a burst of positive energy with immediate effect to the point that I wrote some powerful lyrics! Highly recommend. She is very adaptable to your needs and development! Thank you kindly Heart Leader xxx"

The Lady MJ Warrior - Creative Artist

"I felt empowered, as though a weight had been lifted”

ruth“I have been coached before but this was something totally different. With other coaches, I was aware of the theory behind what we were doing but this was like magic! Fun enjoyable and I didn’t have a clue how it worked! I seemed to get results almost immediately and each session was totally different. People may think you have coaching to overcome a problem but I would recommend it anytime for anyone. It helps you achieve more and makes life more positive. Melissa is a great listener, is patient and made me feel comfortable. After sessions, I felt empowered, as though a weight had been lifted. I was also contented and more positive.”

Ruth Jones, Female - Complementary Therapist

"She brought out the inner person in me”

"I do not know how to put this person in words. I had a chat with Mills. And she brought out the inner person in me. She made me realise how I could enjoy life in a different way without fears and she has some extra gifted powers in her. I would recommend each and every person to chat with her and know life and have fun in life. Experience some thing inside you which will be new and different."

Rahul Agarwal - Business man

"Thank you for helping me gain control of my life”

Linnie 1“Thank you Melissa for being there and guiding me through a very dark period in my life - you never judged me and you helped me to unshackle the chains of guilt and to remove the Gremlins which were holding me back from moving forwards in my life. You have given me so much more than I bargained for! You have supported me, taught me so much and given me a whole new perspective. And now, whenever life throws me lemons, I make use of them by throwing them into a G and T then shouting cheers! Where as before I would stand and allow them to hit me full on in the face. I am learning to appreciate the wonders in life instead of focusing on the doom and gloom and not be drawn into other peoples negativity. This is my journey in life not theirs and instead of being consumed by other peoples opinions of me, I'm not going to react to it. Their opinions are none of my business so I'm not going to make them mine. Thank you for helping me gain control of my life. You have been my safety net, my guardian angel and my friend."

Linnie O'Jinksy - Support Worker


"She helped me reach very deep places rapidly"

"Melissa is a delightful, creative and very intuitive coach! She helped me reach very deep places rapidly and clear some blocks, uncovering my true essence in just a few minutes. She enabled me to powerfully connect with my own innate power that I need to move forward. And she works in a wonderfully magical way. Truly awesome!“

Mary Lane - EFT Therapist

“Melissa has a clear intuitive sense of where you are”

“The visualisations and methods of approaching each issue that Melissa took me through led to realisations that I believe would have been hard to reach without her guidance. She has a clear intuitive sense of where you are and how to help you find peace around the issue you have presented to her. I have found that the techniques used both during the sessions and as homework have stayed with me and I still use them, many months later, on a regular basis. The insights I have gained, equally, have helped me let go of past issues and move forward with more confidence and more serenity in the areas that we worked on.”

Bryony Parker, Female - Holistic Therapist


"Now I feel more confident when I speak in English"

"Melissa you give me a such wonderful feeling that I could believe in myself - inner strength, power, self confidence and laughter. Now I feel more confident when I speak in English. As you suggested every morning, I embrace the sunshine and get positive energy and see the life different. You are the most brilliant, enthusiastic, funny and positive person I’ve ever met. Thank you for whatever you did for me and what you are going to do for me! Lots of love and very good luck!"

Az Jargal Sona - Mongolian MBA Student living in India